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Learn How to Influence Prospects Without Sounding Like a "Salesperson"
If you don't like making prospecting calls because of the 1990's sales scripts you are told to use than this is what you need.
Do you hate making cold calls?
Are you sending automated messages instead of making a real connection with prospects?

Our Inside Sales team has set thousands of face to face appointments and built an even bigger database of qualified nurtures with plans to buy or sell in the next 12 months. 

The secret to doing this is not...

   ❌Sending automated text messages
   ❌Relying on recorded voicemail drops
   ❌Sending countless irrelevant emails
   ❌Mass mail direct response

While all of these things might help build awareness with your audience they do not come anywhere close to the effectiveness of a actual conversation.

When you have a actual conversation with a prospect you can... 

    🔥Determine who is a qualified prospect
    🔥Build massive rapport
    🔥Identify and handle potential objections
    🔥Learn what the prospect wants
    🔥Disqualify prospects who are not a fit
    🔥Set more appointments
    🔥Close more deals

So why don't more people do this?

The answer is because many agents are consumed with anxiety and fear because they...

   🤐Don't know what to say
   🤐Are unable to handle objections
   🤐Fear getting told no or worse
   🤐Feel uncomfortable asking for business

So how do you overcome these obstacles holding you back?


You should know the backstory...
From: Jeff Quiane
Dear Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Inside Sales Agents
In 2015 Jay Kinder and Michael Reese started a retail brokerage in Dallas,TX. This was in addition to their multi-million dollar Real Estate coaching business.

At that time I managed our Inside Sales department for the brokerage. We had as many as 12 Inside Sales agents at one time with about 15 Real Estate agents that we called "Partners".

The role of our ISA department was to set listing and buyer appointments for our "Partners" and to identify qualified future buyer or sellers for each "Partner".
This had two benefits. It created right now business and built a pipeline of future business that would create predictability.
We spent time with the best sales coaches and scriptwriters in the business to make sure that what we were saying on the phone was current, different and effective. 

Everything that is part of this masterclass is the same training that Jay & Mike required from their agents and ISA's through our brokerage. 

This content has been taught to Agents and ISA's from all over the country with all different skill levels and experience. Every agent who has put forth the effort has seen an increase in their business. They usually see the impact quickly.
These 4 Simple Tools Will Guarantee That You Will Set More Listing Appointments
Get the Expired Listing script we have used to set thousands of listing appointments .
Our For Sales By Owner script that should guarantee at least a qualified nurture.
The Home Value internet script we used to build a database of thousands of qualified sellers looking to list within 12 months.
The same Circle Prospecting script we used to build an immediate footprint in any neighborhood.
Get these special bonus scripts 
 Just Listed Neighborhood scripts - use this script to raise awareness about new listings and uncover potential buyers and sellers.
 Just Sold Neighborhood scripts - Let everyone know when your listings sell and find other sellers looking to do the same.
 Coming Soon & Open House - Get more people to your next open house and let everyone in the neighborhood know about the new home for sale in their neighborhood.
 Buyer Internet script - Spend less time on people who say they want to buy and start working with qualified buyers with specific motivation and timing.
SPECIAL BONUS DOWNLOADS: Get these six bonus downloads. 
 Inside Sales Predictability Ebook Download
 84-Day On-boarding checklist Download
 Weekly Meeting Template Download
 ISA Compensation Calculator Download
 Go For No, Exclusive Author Interivew MP3
If you aren't happy with everything I share with you or my team members' guidance and instructions, you have 30 days to get your money back.
Meet Some Of The Agents Who Have Used This Training To Generate New Opportunities At Will...Some of them never thought they could do it.
What's The Value Of 
Well, you have just heard from just a few of the agents that have been through this training. 

Not only have these agents earned more commission and built predictability into their business model, but more importantly they are:
  • Building Confidence
  • Gaining financial stability
  • Creating brand awareness 
  • Building their Celebrity
  • ​Obtaining a database of future sellers and buyers
  • ​Communicating with their community
  • ​Delivering value
  • ​Changing the perception of what a Real Estate agent means
If you aren't happy with everything I share with you or my team members' guidance and instructions, you have 30 days to get your money back.